What is TopYa!

The video-based mobile app that motivates and inspires students to new levels of skill and creativity!

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TopYa! for Students

TopYa! is the world's first video-based mobile app that inspires and motivates Students of all ages and skill levels.

Skills Academy

Watch instructional skill videos from real pros and PE teachers, and upload a video of yourself performing the skill or move! Get helpful feedback from your virtual coach and earn points and badges as you accomplish skills. The TopYa! Skills Academy makes becoming a better Student fun!

Freestyle Challenges

Feeling creative? Invent your own moves and show them off with Freestyle Challenges! Challenge other Students from all over the world and compete under the required time to determine the winner. Students can share their best Freestyle Challenge videos with fans, friends and family using Highlights on TopYa!

Vote on your favorite videos

Watch other Students' skill and challenge videos and Vote for your favorites to see how they're trending on TopYa!

See how you stack up on the Leaderboard

As you accomplish skills and compete in challenges, you earn points and badges. The more points and badges you earn, the higher you will climb on your age, gender, or global Leaderboard!

Active Fun Academy

Active Fun Academy offers 21st century Fun & Fitness program for children of all ages. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind in a child and in turn helps the child evolve into a balanced and complete personality. Our skill challenges aim to assist children become Physically, Emotionally and Mentally Healthy.

  Active Fun Academy’s skill challenges curriculum are a fun way to encourage and inspire children to get active at a young age and adopt healthy lifestyles for life.

  Active Fun Academy cajoles the child to get physically active through simple physical activities and challenges making them “fun’’ and “enjoyable”. These are in contrast to typical formal physical training that children would rather avoid.

  Active Fun Academy’s skill challenges come bundled with virtual coaching that motivate and build self-confidence among children.

  Active Fun Academy’s skill challenges are designed in a manner for children to perform and get active right in their comfort zone. Children may perform the skill challenges within the confines of their bedroom or the home.

Watch Sample Videos of Active Fun Academy’s skills challenges.

Welcome to Active Fun Academy (AFA). AFA’s goal is to inspire and motivate the children to be more physically active. AFA’s 21st century fun fitness activity program is a class wise curriculum of fun physical activities to be performed by children at home.

AFA’s basic fun activities program is offered to the children at no additional cost.

Each subscribed child will receive 26 fun filled fitness skill homework every year along with virtual coaching from AFA.

What do I need to get my child started?

 Copy the Invite Code corresponding to your child’s class.

 Register your child for AFA player account using the invite code.

 Register your parent account.

 Use a smart device to download TopYa Active App from Apple or Google Play store.

 Login into the child account and link the child to parent account.

 Child’s Skill Academy’s My Skill section will be published with the activities for the child to perform.

What is a Skill Lesson?

 A skill lesson is a fun filled unassuming physical activity homework assigned to the student by AFA. It could be a cool physical game/exercise, martial art techniques, ball handling and juggling from any ball sport, yoga lesson, motor skills and etc. Such physical activities tend to become a great family fun moment as well. Parents, children and siblings tend to start competing with each other. Examples: to juggle two tennis balls by one hand non stop for a minute or to kick a ball from 10 feet away in a bucket three times in a row.

 Children perceive these activities to be a short few minute fun activities. But in reality spend hours to successfully complete such fun physical skill homework.

 Most skills lesson does not require going outdoor to practice. Many of those skill lessons can be practiced indoor. This makes it easy for the child to adopt more physical activities quickly.

What do I do with the Skill Lesson?

 Watch the video of your skill lesson homework. Practice performing the skill shown in the video.

 Upon completion of skill practice, record and submit your video session for virtual coaching.

What is Virtual Coaching?

 Student’s skill activity submission is evaluated and scored by the AFA’s virtual coaches.

 Students receive advice, recommendation and points upon their virtual coaches.

 The points are accumulated to create an overall physical activity report card.

How TopYa! Works

TopYa! for Players

TopYa! provides players with a fun and exciting arena to watch Freestyle Challenge videos from all over the globe, challenge them and upload your own videos! Watch instructional videos, upload your own videos and earn badges as you accomplish skills. As you earn badges and points, watch yourself climb your team, age or global leaderboard! It's easy and FREE to get started today!

TopYa! for Parents

TopYa! helps parents share in the experience of what their kids are involved in on the app! Watch as they have fun and improve on their own. Keep track of all of your children's accomplishments, progress and videos with My Kids.Use your Parent Activity Feed to get a real-time stream of your children's videos and participation on the app so you never have to miss their accomplishments or creativity while you are away! Or, use the Store to purchase the next skill path that your child has progressed to or content that their coach has created for their team! It's easy and FREE to get started today!

TopYa! for Coaches

TopYa! helps coaches inspire their players to work on skills at home. With the Skills Academy, coaches can upload their own custom content or recommended content directly to their teams! Plus, My Teams makes it easy to see all of your team's activity and participation on the app for the week, month, or all-time. You can filter down to a specific team, or even an individual player. Your Coach Activity Feed give you a real-time stream of your player's efforts at home, during the season and even during the off-seasons! It's easy and FREE to get started today!

AFA eShop

The AFA eShop is a mini e-commerce platform tailormade for Hamdard Public School.
All products are available at a special discounted price for the school students.
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Topya T-shirt
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How To Register & Use The App?